Master’s Ranch Christian Academy

is a boarding school program offering life-changing structure, support, and discipline to troubled boys

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Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, is a boarding school program offering life-changing structure, support, and discipline to troubled boys from throughout the region. David Bosley, and his wife Tresa, founded the Master's Ranch Christian Academy.

Pastor David Bosley and Master’s Ranch are dedicated to bringing restoration and healing to struggling youths and their families, and to providing the resources, friendship and faith-based counseling needed to get a fresh start and direction in their lives.

20 Years of Counseling & Therapeutic Healing.

For more than 20 years, David Bosley and Master’s Ranch Christian Academy have worked with troubled boys with a range of anger and behavioral issues, helping those who are self-destructive or have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD or RAD discover the hope and confidence they need to find a better path.

Located in an outdoor, ranch-style setting, Master’s Ranch takes an informal but decidedly Christian approach to youth counseling, using a proven and effective approach that encourages sharing and makes positive transformation much more attainable.

Instilling Confidence by Teaching the Importance of Work.

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy helps instill self-esteem and confidence in troubled youths within a working farm environment, teaching the importance of hard work and personal responsibility by caring for dogs, pigs and cattle. Working directly with animals also offers an invaluable therapeutic element, particularly within the areas of anger management and the promotion of healing through emotional attachment.

Additionally, David Bosley and Master’s Ranch offer a heavily vocational program centered on workplace skills development with real-world application. From wood, metal and cement skills to electrical, plumbing, welding and the culinary arts, boys in the Master’s Ranch program receive valuable vocational skills training that helps instill purpose and confidence that lasts their entire lives.

Achievement and Discipline.

Master’s Ranch Chrisitan Academy relies on military-style organization and discipline focusing on the principles of trust, privilege, responsibility and respect for authority. Such infrastructure provides attendees the confidence, focus and purpose to carve out a more successful path and return to their lives as responsible men of God.

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